Catalyst retreats

Individual retreats to give life to your projects, anchor your actions
Catalyst because we go couple visioning process creativity tools with breathing sessions.

“Where do you want to go? What future do you dream of? What is your heart’s desire? What do you want more in your life? Let your deepest truth be expressed, your heart’s answer emerge.”

These 2 propositions are incredibly powerful and efficient. 3 journeys in 9 steps where Transformational Breath®and/ or deep listening sessions catalyze the coaching process.

Together, we will bring your projects and messages to life and anchor your actions in your heart. From breathing to creative sessions, we will build the project that suits you.

In 4 breathing sessions, 1 deep listening session, and 4 creative coaching sessions, you will

  • Release what hinders your life, let go of the negative; everything that is no longer useful and limits your scope/potential. Open up closed, blocked spaces.
  • Breathe in the fresh air, the new. Reactualize what will magnify your life, make it larger, more fulfilling, nourishing, joyful, rewarding, stimulating… a new vision of your life.
  • Expressing unsuspected, stifled resources… the creative, imaginative potential. Creativity is a capacity that we all have and that is not reserved for artists! It is even the basis of our DEEP MOTIVATION. When efforts are motivated and made, the results are fruitful. There is no lack of resources. Together we will recognize them and mobilize them.
Customized individual courses designed as 9-step journeys alternating Transformational Breath® and creative coaching.


  • In questioning, transition, mourning, delicate passage ?
  • In professional and personal challenges (how to transform certain aspects of your life : environment, health, family, relationships, leisure?)
  • How to find the path of motivation, self-esteem, the impetus that will propel you and give shape to a new stage, a new future, to branch out, to see big and far and with the heart ?

Residential retreat alone for 4 full days in Gozo.


Course for managers who needs to go green !

  • Beginning or running out of steam project , motivations are dwindling,
  • The team is on fire : dysfunctions, loss of energy, turnover, demotivation, conflicts…
  • You want to strengthen the cohesion of the group, encourage its growth, the autonomy of your collaborators, and take a step forward,
  • You have a vision but how can you share it with your team and your partners ?

Residential retreat alone for 4 full days in Gozo.

Let’s talk together

Free 20′ discovery conversation. Online session or in Gozo/Malta.

I would be happy to introduce you further to my way of coaching and the benefits of coupling with Transformational Breath® and deep listening sessions.

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