Breathing & visioning

Retreat to catalyze and align your vision with your being

.4 full days FOR clarify & design your new cap


A powerful journey where Breathing & Visioning process catalyse your vision of future. The best guides to enthousiasm and clarty of your choices. In LIBERATE and CLARIFY your VISION aligned with our being, you lead to SEE BIG and FAR, gives meaning to your actions and motivation to move forward.


Residential retreat during 4 full days at Gozo.





The visioning process is both a journey of exploration and the goal. The compass and the course to reach. The intention is to clarify a desired future and to give shape to deep and inspiring dreams, ideas, individual and/or collective projects. Thus inspired.

It applies to all personal and professional projects as well as to a group.

Visioning is a dynamic and continuous process like a spiral. It is a way of learning to navigate through complexity and uncertainty to keep the project on course and to evolve the route along the way. It is a way of learning to navigate through complexity and uncertainty, to keep the project on course and to develop the route along the way, according to the failures, pitfalls and constraints that force us to take a different path. It is not satisfied with impatience, control and stress!



After each session, you will leave with the fruits of your idea production, the leads and actions. You will have :

1. Creatively explored the deepest, highest purpose of your idea, project, intention. “What vision makes me want to get up every morning, to invest every cell of me, becomes my engine, my raison d’être, “my work”? What does it contribute to? What is the big idea behind this idea?

2. Visualise concretely the course to be reached,

3. Translate your vision into a concrete project: strengths and weaknesses, constraints, next steps, actions over time

6. Align your communication messages to the outside world: how do I talk about it? What words, styles, how do I present my project?



Of course. It is powerfully mobilising when it is shared in a team, in a family, in a company, in a collective.



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“You don’t have to predict the future
but to allow it.”

A de St Exupéry