The head well made… What about body ?

After my studies, I worked in corporate communication for 25 years. I organised and participated in extraordinary events. In 1995, the first change of direction, I took a long training course in adult education. A revelation. So there is a discipline on adult education, on the human being in learning?

2006: I created a consulting and training company in Toulouse. My personal life turns into a disaster; I feel like I’m two legs apart in the middle of a drifting iceberg. I leave my married life and my father dies; too soon; tearing of the veil; I need to understand where I am, who I am. I draw the red thread of “Self-knowledge” and train myself in several psycho-therapeutic approaches. Giving meaning to this chaos.

In 2008, I trained in professional coaching for leaders and teams and in group facilitation in collective intelligence.

Chaos to reinvent myself

In 2010, a series of trials struck me and a long depression broke my illusory balance. I had nourished my great thirst to learn and especially to understand, I was going to look for answers in the opinion of others and in books! The more intellectual knowledge I had, the further I got from my being. We have 60,000 thoughts a day… how can we not run around like a hamster in a cage? A friend said to me: “You are too much in the mind”; again the veil was torn; there was just something I had forgotten… to welcome my feelings, my emotions, my being, this wisdom nestled in my heart and not just my head. I was in so much pain that everything was blocked and I was blocked because I was in pain.

Life as a journey

So I went on a journey. An inner journey that has continued for 12 years. A journey to integrate all the parts of myself, the past, the present, the dreams of the future, the moments, the people I met, the pains and the happinesses. To welcome everything. And then I met new people. Biodanza® saved my life. I learnt that it is the other person who gives me news about me; he is my mirror and I am his. Then I met with Transformational Breath®, with Communication Relation and family constellations to continue to free the knots of my personal and family unconscious.

This journey is exciting, fascinating. Discoveries that are often joyful, sometimes uncomfortable and always “transformative”. Unforeseen events, forks in the road, pickings, dives into deep waters, flip-flops, laughter, tears and much more! The life that pulses within me, the emotions to be welcomed as a gift.

Some milestones in my career

professional training


  1. Certified Transformational Breath® Practitioner, France.
  2. I’am an active member of  association française de Transformational Breath©
  3. Deep Listening Practitioner at Communication Reliance®, France
  4. Practitioner trained in Systemic Family Constellations by Clotilde Gueres-Guedy, Bert Hellinger approach, France.
  5. Certified professional and personal coach, team and organisation in 2008, at Coach & Team®, France.
  6. Various trainings in Transactional Analysis level 2, Non Violent Communication, Eneagram, Process Com, systemic approach…


  1. Facilitator of Biodanza® School of Toulouse Occitanie, France.
  2. Graduated in Training Engineering, SIPCA® Paris, level Education in 1995.
  3. Group facilitation in creativity and collective intelligence.

Professional background

  1. For 25 years, I worked as a corporate communications director in international groups, then I created a communications and training consultancy in Toulouse in 2006.
    Between 2008 and 2021, I worked as a trainer and team coach, facilitating groups in collective intelligence.

  2. In 14 years I have accompanied many companies of all sizes, sectors and cultures as well as many self-employed people and people in transition.

  3. I have chaired 4 associations.

  4. I am the founder of the TEDxNarbonne conference which took place in 2017, 2018 and 2020

  5. More complete professional profile on Linkedin


initial training

  1. Sciences Po Paris, international relations section.
  2. Master’s degree in European law at Paris X Nanterre.