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What is the easiest, fastest and deepest way to transform the ills of the body & mind ? The Breath.


I was breathing badly since childhood. Emotions were not welcome… As an adult, I often held my breath to avoid family storms, I used my vital force badly, I ran out of breath quickly, I was scattered, I had no direction in my life, I made choices without discernment, I was not anchored, I felt limited … And then, I saw my father and then my brother die in turn; with oxygen tanks. AND THEN I GOT INVOLVED.

Conscious breathing has become my best friend, always present and available, an emergency kit for life’s hazards, a coach, a spiritual guide and so much more…

I have taken a long journey to heal myself ; today the breath is the glue of my being.



Certified practitioner in Transformational Breath® , for 1 to 1 and on line sessions,  business, life and team coach since 2008, previously trainer and corporate communications, I accompany you with this ultra-powerful system of conscious breathing, developed in the United States for 45 years and practiced all over the world.

Our life is like the way we breathe :  studies estimate that Westerners use between 10% and 30% of their breathing capacity.With obvious consequences on the health of our being at the physical, mental and emotional levels and therefore on the expression of our vital potential.

 I will analyse your breathing pattern and then help you to reopen the potential of our respiratory system (amplitude and fluidity of the breath) and therefore unify our whole being, body/heart/mind in few sessions. There are many techniques to relax and feel good, in good health. Without getting to the root of what is blocking, they are palliatives.

Each session is at the same time a journey of liberation, healing, sensations and  creative movement towards the future. And it is very effective online !

I’m happy to share with you this simplest and joyful tool in order to transform what has to be.

There is no age to feel alive, unified in your full potential. I welcome children, teens, adults and older people with joy.

1-on-1 online sessions and at my practice

DEEP BREATHING WITH Transformational Breath®


Because the way you breathe is the way you live.

So, what do you want more in your life ?

Breathing deeply help you to open your full potential of vitality, creativity, sexuality, affectivity, attention and presence, make clear choices guided by your heart. INHALE.

Why It is said to be conscious breathing ?

If the breathing is an automatic function, you can use it consciously in being attentive, aware of the internal feelings and emotions and accompany their release.

My work consists in facilitating the release of painful emotional imprints and blockages which limits your breath and in helping the self-healing process.These are expressed through our body and mind in the form of :

  • tensions, symptoms and energy blockages, physical aches, chronic stress, illnesses… discomfort and uneasiness.
  • behaviors and feelings, sur-reactive, automatic, self-sabotaging, repetitive, inhibited, limited patterns,
  • dysfunctional, limiting thoughts and beliefs...EXHALE.


Why it is so powerful and quick ?

  • Because it combines deep work on the breath, but also acupressure, sounds and movements to restore breadth and depth…
  • I will teach you how to breath by yourself, to begin autonomous and use it consciously when necessary.
  • It will be a real emergency kit not to be overwhelmed by emotions if you decide so.

From a session to another, you will gradually relearn how to :

  • Relax the diaphragm muscle so that it can once again fully play its role : to make you breathe openly, throughout the body, amply, deeply and in a regular rhythm.
  • Fluidify your breath as the movement of the wave.
  • Make room for deep calm, peace, joy, lighness
  • Stay in full presence with your body, heart & mind sensations.

catalyst retreats

I’ve designed 2 individual retreats alternating Transformational Breath® and creative coaching sessions. The breathing catalyse the effects in opening deep calm and lighten spaces in your being : resources, motivations, creativity, intuition could emerge : The potential. Everything we don’t  know when our mental is overactive…

Let’s anchor, visualize and built your project !


The self-healing and creative power of the breath

Transformational Breath® system sessions have powerful, effective, very fast, cumulative, lasting effects on physical health, stress, moods, anxiety.

WHAT PHYSICAL Ailments ARE Treated?

On a physical level, the practice of Transformational Breath® allows us to circulate oxygen in all cells. By opening the mouse, we take from 3 to 6 volume more than normal.

It helps to activate self-healing processes, for :

  • Chronic fatigue,
  • Respiratory,
  • Intestinal and digestive disorders
  • Infertility, premenstrual syndrome, sexual disorders,
  • Birth trauma,
  • Apnea, asthma, hypertension,
  • And detoxify an promote lymphatic drainage and much more…

The science of breathing is still in its infancy…


 Have a look of Judith Krawitz fondator (video in English)


Transformational Breath® works powerfully mentally and emotionally and overcomes :

  • Anxiety, stress and chronic tension, Depression, panic attacks, phobias, stage fright…
  • Negative behaviors, self-sabotage, flight, avoidance, aggressiveness, control, over-reactivity,
  • Addictions,
  • Disorders of self-esteem and motivation, limiting thoughts, need for recognition, lack of confidence, guilt and self-judgment…
  • Disorders of learning, attention, expressiveness, creativity,
  • Dysfunctional and toxic relationships etc

No prerequisite. This method doesn’t replace medical treatments.The Content is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat or cure any disease or condition. Individuals should consult a qualified health care provider for medical advice.


We are all concerned ! Because we are not educated to OBSERVE AND WELCOME our emotions and feelings.

Here are some leads :

  • People with high professional stakes, under stress,
  • The elderly,
  • Hyper-sensitive people, with an overactive mind and difficulties in expressing their emotions,
  • Athletes who want to improve their practice, open their breathing capacity,
  • Family : I am committed  to learn how to breath together. Sharing breathing is a great way to regulate relational difficulties, to harmonize the daylife.
  • Children, adolescents: Breathing correctly supports learning skills, attention and concentration, helps to learn to regulate emotions…and to feel safe in one’s body

What is the sustainable gift to give yourself ? Learning to breath properly.

release blocked emotions and tensions

Transformational Breath® acts in the same session on the ills of the body, the heart and the mind. 

In the course of our lives, each emotion and trauma, but also each repeated situation, awakens in our cells the memory, the trace, the energetic imprint of an original emotion and sensation. Those that were uncomfortable turn into muscular tensions, limitations in movements, breathing that becomes superficial, without amplitude, without fluidity. When we overreact emotionally to a situation, overwhelm means an energetic imprint.

Our breathing pattern becomes more and more limited.

First good news : Conscious, diaphragmatic, open, continuous breathing renews oxygen in depth, fights against oxidation that causes chronic diseases and frees up EMOTIONAL IMPRESSIONS AND THEREFORE OUR UNFAIR REACTIONS AND BEHAVIORS.

The second piece of good news : a Transformational Breath session is a great emergency kit that is available at any time to help you avoid being overwhelmed by your emotions.

find the rhythm, the amplitude and the volume of a natural breathing

The third piece of good news is that we can free your restricted breathing pattern. Unique to each of us, it tells the story of how, throughout our lives, we have limited our ability to breathe and therefore… to live, to learn, to communicate, to make decisions etc. Your breathing system can then regain the fluidity and volume of that of a small child. 

Fourth good news : The objective is to make you autonomous. By practicing on your own, you will make your diaphragm muscle more supple and it will once again play its role. Then it’s a matter of regularity !


The fifth piece of good news is that Transformational Breath® is a catalyst for self healing. Studies conducted by the
by the new science of breathing show how this method can support or help the healing of certain diseases (see list below).

The sixth piece of good news is that Transformational Breath® is a powerful gas pedal of consciousness and transformation. By getting out of the incessant blabber of the mind we naturally change our point of view on events !

Seventh good news : Transformational Breath® reconnects us to our sensitivity, to Nature, to the living within us and to others, and helps us to harmonize brain and heart.


Via Whatsap (0033 620 717 748) Messenger, Skype, Zoom, Facetime
The way I breathe tells my story, my way of living and therefore of learning, expressing myself, communicating and acting.…
I analyze during the first session how you breathe. I lead you to overcome the limited pattern of your breathing.
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In Gozo :

  1. At my practice : you commit to a package of minimum of 3 face-to-face sessions or 2 face-to-face sessions and 1 online, for example.
  2. During an individual Catalyst retreat
  3. During the Breath& Walk retreat.

Online : as the protocol is more progressive since I guide you remotely, you commit to a 5 online sessions package. You will then be able to breathe with that method on your own .

How is it going ?

The first session lasts about 2 hours, the following sessions, 1h30.

I facilitate during a session :

  • The crossing and release of your old emotions and traumas,
  • The reconnection to your body sensations,
  • The calming of your inner state, the release of your tensions,
  • Listening to what emerges in the mind and body…the life that manifests itself,
  • The understanding, the revelation, the connections you make with episodes of your life.
  • Reunifying, reharmonizing the whole being.



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