The self-healing and creative power of the breath

Breathwork with Transformational Breath®| 1-on-1 and on line sessions

1-on-1 at my practice in Lavaur near Toulouse, France

Up to 75% of the energy we need comes from the breath.

Transformational Breath© is much more than a breathwork technic. It is a complete system that focuses on the positive states we want to create and correlates our way of breathing with our personality type.

Our life is like the way we breathe :  studies estimate that Westerners use between 10% and 30% of their breathing capacity. It reveals the way we live since childhood : physical, emotional and psychic suffering and tensions that accumulate in our body/mind, traumas, stress and restless mind in automatic mode, limiting and self-destructive thoughts, behaviors, …With obvious consequences on the health of our being at the physical, mental and emotional levels and therefore on the expression of our vital potential.

There are many techniques to relax and feel good, in good health. Without getting to the root of what is blocking, they are palliatives. By releasing the blocked energy, suffering, behaviors, state of mind are naturally transformed. Place for a creative, open, confident, fluid, joyful and relaxed life !

Re-educating your breathing with Transformational Breath© means learning how to deeply and sustainably activate your self-healing power through the breath and to take the path of existential transformation.

Each session is a journey to the land of sensations, an encounter with oneself, a catalyst for self-healing and liberation, a creative movement towards the future, inner peace and joy of living.

The breath heals the physical, emotional, mental and spirit at the same time.

Open life to the max again

Transformational Breath® makes the so obvious link between the way we breathe and live, our emotions, thoughts and our symptoms and sufferings. Fears, shame, anger for example, limiting beliefs and defense mechanisms that have been pushed away and repressed, emotional imprints of a trauma, block the movement of our breath more and more over the years. This technic teaches us how to welcome and recognize the energy that delivers a message to us.

In the West countries, our respiratory capacity is reduced by an average of 70% during adulthood. The good news is that if breathing is an automatic, involuntary and metabolic function (like digestion for example), we can learn to use it consciously ! Opening the breath means freeing the movement.

At the first session, I map out your breathing : what is the rhythm, fluidity, volume and amplitude of your breathing? Is your breath short ? Where is it blocked ? In your belly ? In your upper body ? Are you apneic ? Do you breathe loudly ? By pushing ? How does this correlate with your history, the way you live your life ? Your birth experience ? A trauma ? My role is to facilitate the circulation of energy and to release blockages.

This complete breathing system allows to find amplitude, fluidity, rhythm by combining deep work on the diaphragm, acupressures, positive affirmations, sounds and movements and learn you to breath without pauses.

To recover the breathing of a baby, natural and effortless. For some people, there may be traumas related to birth that need to be released.





70% of the toxins absorbed each day are evacuated by the breath. The Transformational Breath® system renews the oxygen in our cells in a very powerful and profound way since we breathe through our mouth.

This is the best way to prevent cell oxidation, which is the cause of chronic physical and psychological illnesses.


Breathing creates the optimal conditions for the body to activate its healing processes.

The science of breathing is still in its infancy. Here are some of the ailments that are improved or eliminated permanently :

  • Fatigue and chronic stress,
  • Chronic respiratory disorders, sleep apnea, asthma,
  • Intestinal and digestive disorders,
  • Infertility, premenstrual syndrome, sexuality disorders,
  • Birth and life trauma, …



The practice supports but does not replace medical treatment. I do not diagnose you medically, prescribe chemicals, or urge you to stop treatment. I make something happen in you. I facilitate reconnection to the flow of energy and life.


Here are some leads :

  • People with high professional stakes, under stress ++,
  • The elderly,
  • Pregnant women,
  • Hyper-sensitive people, with an overactive mind and difficulties in expressing their emotions,
  • Athletes who want to improve their practice, open their breathing capacity,
  • Family : I am committed  to learn how to breath together. Sharing breathing is a great way to regulate relational difficulties, to harmonize the daylife.
  • Children, adolescents: Breathing correctly supports learning skills, attention and concentration, helps to learn to regulate emotions…and to feel safe in one’s body


To know more :


Each session produces powerful, cumulative, rapid and lasting effects on our evolution and potential.


The breath is the vehicle of emotion, which is an energy to be welcomed and not pushed away : if breathing is an automatic function, the fact of putting awareness to it and activating the movement of the breath makes it THE resource to make peace with the past, to get out of dysfunctional behaviors and automatic mechanisms, states of mind, fears and limiting beliefs. 

     Deep breathing allows you to reconnect to a feeling of inner security, to fully trust your feelings and opens up a deep confidence; it is to stop floating, wandering, procrastinating and to move forward with determination, to trace your path, it is to be fully in your natural leadership, your presence, your charisma. The virtuous circle of self-esteem.

The balance of our nervous system and therefore our health rests on our ability to release what is blocking in our lives and to relearn how to deeply relax our body/mind. Being squeezed by fear, dread and anxiety is what blocks. Don’t try to free yourself from them by making efforts but by practicing relaxation.

After a session, we feel fully alive and not just “alive”, very deeply relaxed and present : “Back home” !

Are you a perfectionist ? Are you a fighter ? Are you controlling ? Do you do everything by force ? Scattered ? Restless ? Overly reactive ? Floating ? Insecure ? Lax ? Impatient ? Easily exasperated ? Have you closed your heart to avoid suffering and expressing your feelings ? Are you hyper sensitive, emotional, self-sabotaging ? Do you put pressure on yourself ? etc.

Some of our behaviors are automatic, reactive. The others are messengers that send us back our inadequate ways of doing things. When you’ve always done it this way, it’s hard to change…the problem is that it’s very costly in terms of energy for yourself and your relationships with others.

Transformational Breath© makes us let go of the beliefs that we have to be this or that…What is let go of is transmuted and integrated, transformed into energy to live naturally.

Inhale, exhale. Slow down to better feel and let yourself breathe by your breath. Follow your natural rhythm, without willpower, without force, with effort, get out of the belief that time is money…stop pulling on the stem to make it grow faster; it is possible and desired by the body.


Are you psychically tired, scattered, agitated,…? In a permanent, frequent malaise ? In “headache” relationships ? Too much mental and emotional activity unbalances the natural rhythm of our breathing, blurs our vision, leads to dispersion, escape. A session allows us to “put down the mind”, brings oxygen down into the body, brings deep sensations of calm, awareness, discernment, clarity.

To have and feel emotions is to be alive. To have unexplained and continuous states of mind such as nostalgia, sadness, feeling empty, lacking, feeling powerless, alone, without resources and support, these are the forces of life that are blocked… in us. This can come from our personal or transpersonal history, from intra-uterine memory, from early childhood… The transformative breathing is the shortest way to find the taste of living in joy and lightness.

The breath is the conductor of the autonomic nervous system. This method acts very effectively on anxiety, oxidative stress involved in many diseases, chronic tension, panic attacks, phobia, stage fright … it allows us to find the natural rhythm of our heart.

The breath teaches us to pay attention to and focus on our breathing while bringing us back to our body sensations, to rhythm and regularity and thus to presence. Focus and flow.

Coming back to your breathing at any moment can be learned and allows you to prevent emotions, stage fright,… before being overwhelmed!


This method activates the energy of the heart, which is often blocked in order to face trials, grief, toxic relationships… It allows to align the brain with the heart and to get out of the “broken heart”…

It is from the sensation of peace and deep relaxation that we can act in truth of who we are. Breathing brings me back to my sensations, to my being, it accompanies me towards who I am in truth, in intimacy with myself. No need to take the opinion of others, nor to always want to compare myself.

This technique is the fastest way to accompany and accelerate the evolution and expansion of our vital and creative potential and thus…the ability to live fully, to love, to learn, to communicate, to make right decisions etc! It puts us back in the flow of Life and in our breathing pattern before restrictions. The one we had as a baby.

The breathing helps us to find the taste of living easily, to let emerge our essential desires, to listen to our aspirations, source of the deep motivation, of the determination… of a successful existence.

Existential creativity is a way of living, a sensitivity to life, to what lives in us and in others, around us. It is knowing how to mobilize all the resources within us, gifts, talents, relationships, imagination, etc. that are often stifled. It is to create with what constitutes me and not with what I want to do or believe I should do, obtain… by making efforts.

The breath teaches us if we let life flow through us or if we block. It is the way to stop suffering and to find the power over our life. It teaches me how to direct my vital energy without dispersing myself and by being well anchored in a belly breath.

Individual transformation leads to collective transformation : breathing teaches me to direct my vital energy with determination while remaining open and creative, to slow down in order to feel better and to act on the essential, then to let go. It anchors, glues and opens. It allows me to use my natural gifts without forcing, to abandon what costs too much effort. It shows me the way to go through chaos and discomfort with calm and to lead my team to do the same.

There is a space within you where everything is calm. The more we return to it, the more calmness settles in permanently. Gradually, the people around us also become calmer. When we are connected to our feelings, we are not in our incessant thoughts nor in our automatic reactions.

I became "smarter" when I let the breath work in me. The only thing I know for sure is that the quality of my life depends on my breath, my ability to perceive beyond my thoughts and my ability to connect !

Business, life and team coach since 2008, previously trainer and corporate communications in international companies in Paris and Toulouse, I have been accompanying individuals and groups on their way to a better quality of life.

Today I work as a therapist and coach certified practitioner in Transformational Breath® or 1 to 1 and on line sessions. I accompany you with this ultra-powerful system of this conscious breathing complete system, developed in the United States for 45 years and practiced all over the world.

I’m happy to share with you this simplest and joyful tool in order to transform what has to be…

My presence and my journey are at the service of the Life that flows in you. This is the path I share. Excellence rather than performance.

There is no age to feel alive, unified in your full potential. I welcome children, teens, adults and older people with joy.


At my practice in Lavaur and on-line sessions


Book a session

  1. First session : +2 h00. I do a precise mapping of your breathing pattern and we work on your intentions, then a breathing session.
  2. Following sessions : 1h30.
  3. Each session goes to the essence of what you need in the moment. There is a global effect on the physiological, mental and emotional levels, of the mind AND cumulative from one session to the next.

I will analyse your breathing pattern and then, help you to reopen the potential of our respiratory system and therefore unify our whole being, body/heart/mind.

My role is to facilitate the flow of energy and guide you to :

  • Breathe openly, amply, deeply and in a regular rhythm.
  • Relax the diaphragm so that it plays its role fully again.
  • Fluidify your breath. Find the movement of the wave that comes and goes. LET YOURSELF BLOW by the Life which flows in you.
  • Help you to welcome and stay in full presence with your body sensations.
  • Accompany your awareness, your emotions, your decisions.

I facilitate both in French and English.

Individual session in Lavaur : you commit to a minimum of 3 face-to-face sessions for 340 euros. These first 3 sessions are the minimum to open your breathing and include :

  • 1st and only session including mapping (+ 2 h): 120 euros
  • Each follow-up session + 1h30 : 110 euros
  • From the 4th session: 100 euros.
  • Children up to 14 years old (45′ session including a short interview) : 50 euros.
  • Company : please contact me.


Online sessions :

  • A 1h30 discovery session (including an online health questionnaire): 130 euros. Contraindications: contact me.
  • Online package of 5 sessions minimum, the protocol being more progressive: 450 euros or 90 euros/session.


Intensive Transformational Breath© sessions in individual retreat : 3 intensive days to learn how to breathe; in a gite in the Toulouse region or at home. Prices : consult me.


After a few sessions, you can continue to practice on your own with the help of an audio guide. It is then a matter of motivation, rhythm and regularity ! Regular practice is a life-changing lifestyle !

  1. You want to know more : during a free 30′ discovery conversation on the phone.
  2. You make an appointment directly (via the form).
  3. Commitment : the appointment is validated upon payment of the session or the package.
  4. Once the date is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information.
  5. Follow-up within 15 days if needed.